Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Day Beruang Met The Love of His Life

So it was early morning, and Beruang was returning home from his usual journey through the night. He was still feeling confused, as usual.

As he was reaching home, he saw a Lecoon standing in front of his house.

"Why, Good morning, Mr. Lecoon... may I ask what you are doing here so early in the morning in front of my house?" Beruang greeted the Lecoon.

"Is this your house? You must be Beruang, then!" said the Lecoon.

"Sure am, Sir. But, do I know you?" Beruang asked him.

"Well, my name is Voon, and I recently saw your post at the (fluff)Forum," answered Voon the Lecoon.


"I have come today, to give you my daughter's hand in marriage. You see, one night my daughter went on a walk and from afar she saw a handsome Poley looking very sad by the river. Her heart was moved by this Poley, she has been dreaming of him all the time. But she didn't know who that Poley was, until I saw your post!" Voon explained.

"Now, she's a bit shy... Come, dear... meet the love of your life!" said Voon, calling out to someone Beruang didn't see before...

And then...

It was her. It was him. It was amazing!

Beruang really can't thank Voon enough. But the Lecoon was already gone, pursuing his own love, perhaps.

And so, the happy couple went on a stroll, getting to know each other better and talking about wedding preparations...

I managed to get a shot of them just before they went into the woods...

Isn't it exciting? Wedding news coming soon :)

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